Mark JohnsonMark Johnson
(Producer: Breaking Bad, Narnia, Rain Man)

Barry McEvoy is one of the most gifted character writers I’ve ever come across. His screenplays are always original, always compelling, and always richly humorous. As a script developer/analyst barry is able to bring his talent to very successfully analyze and help edit other writers’ work.
The moment Barry sends me a script that he either developed or recommends I read it immediately.

Mark Johnson, producer Breaking Bad, Narnia, Rain Man

Chiara VialeChiara Viale
(Writer/Director: The New Music, A Natural History of Invertebrates)

Within his coverage and development work, Barry always remains respectful and at the service of your creative process: he knows this is your journey. Your story always remains your own, but Barry will come on board of the same boat you’re sailing and will use his expertise to suggest you the best route.
It is a pleasure to have developed my script “A Natural History Of Invertebrates” under Barry Mc Evoy’s guidance and I’m looking forward to work again with him in the future.

Chiara Viale, writer

Sidney Lumet
(Director: Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Network, 12 Angry Men)

The script (An Everlasting Piece) is an absolute delight. It’s funny and charming and moving. I don’t have a single suggestion in structure or character or anything for that matter.

Sidney Lumet, director Dog Day Afternoon, Network, Serpico, 12 Angry Men

Conor PurcellConor Purcell
(Writer: False Gods, House of Sad)

Barry understands why a story works and why it doesn’t. His notes are clear, perceptive and can help turn a bad screenplay into a good one.
Unlike many screenwriting coverage services, he doesn’t focus on what should happen on page 5, but rather how to drive a story through the characters you create and the choices they make.

Conor Purcell, writer False Gods, House of Sad

Paul Donovan writer Moone BoyPaul Donovan
(Producer: Moone Boy, The Last Right)

Barry brings the sorely needed ingredients of originality and humour to each and every script he works on.

Paul Donovan, producer Moone Boy, The Last Right

Colm O'NeillColm O’Neill
(Writer: The Equinox)

Barry’s coverage was excellent. I got incisive feedback and direction which improved my screenplay and benefited my writing on the whole.
Barry has vast knowledge of screen writing, has a collaborative style and crucially is a very good teacher too. Highly recommended.

Colm O’Neill, writer The Equinox

Sarah-Kate O’Connor
(Writer: The Sisters)

After I took Barry’s six-week Intro to Screenwriting course I was hooked. I continued with his ten-week Advanced Screenwriting course and it was even better. I am now currently studying a Master’s in Screenwriting at The London Film School and I would never have been able to apply without everything I learned from Barry and the writers’ room environments which he creates.
I would recommend his courses to everyone who wants to develop their creative spark through screenwriting.

Sarah-Kate O’Connor, Writer

Out Come The Knives screenplay coverage