Out Come The Knives CoverageMost screenplay coverage services will tell you what is wrong with your script, using vague and often inaccurate generalisations and stock catch phrases.

Our goal isn’t to judge and pick at your writing like market day livestock.

Our aim is to help you develop your idea into a fresh and original piece of art that excites you and has a real shot at becoming a very good film.

Feature screenplay coverage: €499

This service gets you 2 fine-tooth-comb passes on your feature length screenplay (90 – 115 pages).

Each pass includes in depth, page by page, on-script notes and suggestions, from formatting to character depth to story, with suggestions on paradox, pressure and metaphor, ending with an (at least) hour and a half notes meeting in person (in Dublin) or via video conferencing (Skype, Facetime etc.). You will be emailed a pdf copy of those script notes for you to work off.

After the first pass, a mutual deadline will be decided on for you to turn in your second draft. Once again, a detailed on-script pass will be done, followed by a second notes session and pdf of the corrections, notes and suggestions. You will then be sent off to finish the script. After that, you’re on your own!

Turnover time for each pass may vary but will be set out and agreed to by both parties before commencement. This will usually take about 2 weeks with the work being considered and never rushed.

You are strongly encouraged to keep your script under 115 pages. For an un-produced screenwriter anything more will seem self indulgent and lazy. For that reason any screenplay coverage over 115 pages will be charged an additional €6 per page

*A 10% discount is available to all past students who have completed the 6 week Intro to Screenwriting class bringing the rate to €449. Contact to request.

Feature Screenplay Coverage


Hour long pilot coverage: €349

This coverage includes 2 passes with 2 x 1.5 hour in-depth one-to-one meetings to cover notes, suggestions and any problems with formatting. You are strongly urged to keep your script under 65 pages. Any script submitted that is over 70 pages will be charged an additional €6 per page.

*Contact to request.

Hour-long Pilot Coverage


Rates for half hour sitcom and short film coverage available upon request.

For all enquiries and bookings please email…

Out Come The Knives screenplay coverage