LATEST: The New Music wins top spot at IndieCork


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I’m delighted to see that THE NEW MUSIC has won best feature film at the 2019 IndieCork film festival. Written and directed by Chiara Viale, the film tells the story of a classical pianist (Cillean McEvoy) with early onset Parkinsons, who rediscovers his love of music (and life) when he moves in with a sloppy but fun af punk band.

I was lucky to be in the audience for it’s premier and I’ve got to say, it’s just great. Full of charm and bursting at the seams with heart and soul, I expect it to continue on with it’s early success. They made the film on next to no budget and, if that’s not cool enough, Chiara and the producers are donating ALL their profits to Parkinsons research! Well done, Chiara. You’re brilliant.

Chiara is a past student and I was very grateful to have helped with coverage and development on her fantastic latest script, A NATURAL HISTORY OF INVERTEBRATES.

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